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To accomplish this, God commissions unknowns to herald forth His unknown plans by anointing them with a unique message that will infuse faith, change, and excitement into His people. This message rekindles believers into a fervency for the Messiah and is accompanied by powerful signs and wonders of Heavenly origin.

The instrument used to herald forth the new thing God is about to do is called the shofar or trumpet. This was used throughout the ancient Scriptural history to specifically announce such things as the beginning of the year of Jubilee, the reveille call for the army of God to awake and go forward, the early warning alarm of an impending judgement, and will even be used in the coming hour by the angels of God in the book of Revelation to commence the final stages of the apocalyptic grand finale and the glorious return of Messiah!

In a like manner, we here at Rivers In The Desert Fellowship have received a commission from God to run swiftly throughout the nations and herald forth the message that He is about to do something so unprecedented, unparalleled, and unpredictable that it will utterly astonish and perplex our entire civilization. To reach this objective, the shofar must first be turned into the Church to rekindle and ignite us with revival fires and enable us to flow in the higher dimensions of His glory and thus powerfully witnesses the resurrection Messiah to a lost and dying world. This is the goal of our lives here on planet earth and we invite you to unite together with us to achieve this exciting objective for our Master!

Since the inception of Rivers in the Desert Fellowship, we have witnessed some of the most awesome displays of God’s glory on the streets and in extended revival services. Whether it has been blowing the shofar at a false Messiah’s headquarters, spontaneously going to Wall Street, or holding extended revival meetings throughout North America, God has graced this ministry with a unique anointing to sound the trumpet that initiates the plan of God into action for individuals, fellowships, regions, and nations. We have been utterly astonished at the intense firepower that is released when we simply yield to the Holy Spirit and go where He tells us to go. We are witnessing the altars of churches jam packed with new converts and backsliders fervently coming home, marriages and families being beautifully restored, powerful creative miracles of healing, new spiritual liberty in realms of worship, financial Jubilee for God’s people- even a woman being raised up from the dead after being instantly killed in a tragic early morning auto accident! Glory to God!!!

These things are just the beginnings of the greater works that Messiah prophesied would happen as we enter into the final days before His return. So dear friends, we have been commissioned by God to spearhead our civilization with special commando operations using the weapon of the anointed blasts of the shofar. Not everybody is called to do this unique type of ministry, and yet our family is also not called to try to do this alone. We must all rally around the vision of the glory of God filling the earth and become a teamwork of people in a joint effort flowing together for this common purpose. What is so thrilling is that we now have the opportunity to reach more people than ever before with the good news by simply raising a base of supporting partners to help us do more spontaneous commando operations. There has been a readiness expressed by many of you to give financially to this ministry since you were touched by the glory of God in a unique way, but you have lacked the opportunity or a convenient time. So now is your opportunity and a convenient way to join with us as Partners in the Glory!

If you believe in the unique call and anointing on this ministry and upon us, if you believe that God is using us to do a good work, and that this ministry is good and fertile ground, then you have this opportunity to become a part of what God is doing on the earth today and help support this ministry. If you have been blessed and touched through this ministry; you had an encounter with God; your body has been healed; you have entered new realms of spiritual worship; you have been ignited by the teachings; then you now have this opportunity and a convenient way to bring this good news of revival, healing and restoration to countless other people.

The idea of becoming a partner carries great significance and reward in the Scriptures. It carries the idea of someone who is a shareholder and part owner in all that is accomplished in advancing the kingdom of God and plundering the enemy’s camp. King David set the precedent in Israel by commanding that all those who went down into the battle and those who stayed back with the baggage were to receive the same reward of the spoils of war (1 Samuel 30:24). The Apostle Paul speaks of this same wonderful principle in Philippians 4:10-19 stating that he rejoiced greatly because these believers were once again revived and blossoming in their concern for him. He states that they had become financial partners and shareholders in all that he was doing and even used technical Greek terms describing that their contributions had opened an “account” with his ministry. Their giving was described as “a payment or an installment” into a credit and debit account. In verse 17, Paul continues with this business metaphor by describing that their partnership caused this account to increase or accrue with heavenly dividends due to their earthly investments in his ministry! Because he had received their payment in full and was amply supplied to do the work of the ministry, God was going to correspondingly supply all of their needs according to His riches in glory in Messiah Yeshua (verse 19)!!! Wow, what a promise and what excites us is not only your generous gifts to this ministry but also the heavenly dividends that shall accrue to your account!!

Therefore, we would like to give you, our friends, a fresh look at becoming shareholders in what God is doing through Rivers in the Desert Fellowship. Ask the Father and allow His Spirit to move your heart (as is found in Exodus 25:2) about the amount He wants you to invest in opening your heavenly account on behalf of the Holtz family. And He in turn will meet every one of your needs according to the “Bank of Glory” that is in the Messiah! Infuse your contributions into heavenly treasures (Matt. 6:20) and let us run together as Partners in the Glory for the Master whom we all love so dearly!!!

Thank you for showing interest in becoming partners with Rivers in the Desert. We love you,

Scott Holtz
Founder and President, Rivers in the Desert Fellowship